Our Prayer Campaign

In light of the grave threat to the unborn and their mothers, EWTN Ireland proposes a major initiative 'Prayer for Ireland'.

This is a call to prayer and to affirmation of the inestimable value of every human life. Prayer for Ireland is a call to the broadest demographic across Ireland, North and South, and to the world.

This appeal invites all people of good will to join together in prayer in defence of unborn babies and their mothers. All those professing faith, and those professing secular values, are invited to join as one voice on behalf of the unborn babies and their mothers: to affirm the life of the most vulnerable who may be classed as terminally ill, disabled or ‘unwanted’.

This prayer campaign seeks "courage" and "wisdom" for the people of Ireland.

We therefore invite all Catholics to pray the Rosary, Christians and other faiths to join together in prayer, and those of secular values to confidently proclaim a strong life affirmation.

Prayer for Ireland proposes three prayers:
1. A Catholic Prayer. The Rosary

2. A Christian Prayer

3. A Secular Affirmation or Prayer