Christian Prayer

Our Father,
I ask you to come to the aid of Ireland at this time.
You who sent your son Jesus into the world
For the poor, the sick, the broken and overburdened.

Lord Jesus, You said,
“Whatever you do to the least of these my children,
You do it to me”.
Open our eyes to the plight of the least of these
Little brothers and sisters of ours:
Precious unborn children of Ireland, North and South.
Open the eyes of those in leadership,
In government, in civic society and in our church,
To uphold and defend the sacred right to life of every child.

Holy Spirit, Giver of Life,
May we, children of God,
Affirm the incalculable value and dignity of every person,
Regardless of age, race, creed or disability.
For all are sealed with the image of your likeness,
Created by you from the very moment of conception,
To live with you forever in eternity.

Lord Jesus,
Heal all mothers and fathers who suffer the wound of abortion.
You who came into the world among the poor and oppressed.
You became one of us in the womb of the Virgin Mary.
You brought joy to John the Baptist and Elizabeth
Even before you were born.
Bring that joy into our hearts
To treasure and welcome all children,
Especially the most vulnerable,
Who are even now bursting with life
In the sanctuary of their mother’s womb!

I pray this prayer from my heart,
In thanksgiving that you will hear and answer me.