I Invite You to Pray the Novena

I want to make an urgent appeal for prayer at the present time. As you know, the Irish Government is on course to legislate for abortion. If this legislation is passed it will surely be a sad, sad day for Ireland.

Abortion is a terrible evil, and the intentional killing of our unborn children must never be allowed. Yet, in recent months the Irish Government have moved closer to legalising abortion here. It’s on this basis that I make this urgent prayer appeal to you. It is imperative that we increase our pro-life and prayer efforts to protect all unborn children and their mothers from this evil. I believe that Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Lady look to every one of us for prayer so that this travesty is not foisted upon our nation.

When Blessed Mother Teresa visited Knock Shrine in June 1993 and prayed the Rosary for life, she gave some reflections concerning Ireland and abortion. These statements are very relevant to us today. Samples of Blessed Mother Teresa’s statements are as follows:


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“Jesus rises to new life. Life is a precious gift of God, especially the life of the unborn child. He or she is a living member of the human race like you and me, created in the image and likeness of God for greater things, to love and to be loved. We pray to Our Lady that all may come to realise that no church, no government or mother has the right to kill the unborn child at any stage …..”

“Let us ask Our Lady that our people in Ireland may turn in deep confidence to the Father especially for the courage, light and strength they need when facing moral

decisions to protect life. The family that prays together stays together, and the nation that prays together stays together as God’s own family…….”


“May Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the World, protect the people of Ireland. May we cling to the Rosary as a child clings to the hand of its mother, and she will lead us closer to the heart of Jesus. As she took care of the precious life of Jesus for 33 years, may she protect our children from the evils that threaten God’s life in them……..”


The threat to life of our unborn is one of the most serious situations facing Ireland in recent years. We need as many people praying as possible!  We need to be praying as a nation!! As Blessed Mother Teresa said “The nation that prays together stays together as God’s own family”. It will be too late to stop the full force of this abortion law once the Irish Government passes legislation. We therefore urgently need you to tell your family and friends about this important prayer initiative –  here are many lives depending on it!

Will you pray with us? We must turn to Mary, Our Blessed Mother to come to our aid in this our time of great need.

Please email rosary@ewtnireland.com if you intend to join our World Wide Prayer Petition, or write to: EWTN, PO Box 352, Limerick