Secular Affirmation for Life

I recognise and celebrate the wonder of humanity.
I affirm the value of every person,
Those near in my family and community,
Those far away whom I shall never know,
The old and the young,
The healthy and the sick,
The wanted and the rejected,
The valued and the overlooked.

True to our humanity,
I affirm that every mother, father and child
Has equal dignity and are of incalculable value.
Those who are most vulnerable and weak
Deserve special care.

Science is clear,
That all of us were alive and present,
A human being bursting with life,
From the very moment of conception.

Reason is clear,
That even the mere possibility
That a human person is present,
Calls us to treasure, care for and defend
These little ones from every harm,
And to affirm their inherent right to life.

May Ireland, North and South,
By her laws and Constitution,
Value and protect every person,
So that Ireland would continue to be a land
that cherishes all her children