Why our 8th Amendment is important and what happens if it’s taken away?

Pro-Life / human rights advocates are very concerned that the campaign to repeal the Eighth has succeeded in its goal of precipitating a referendum in Ireland. A ‘Yes’ vote in this referendum would mean the removal of the Eighth Amendment from the Irish Constitution and the stripping of all Constitutional protection from the unborn child. Such a result would, likely, lead to a British-style abortion regime, or worse, causing the killing of countless children. This would be a tragedy comparable to the Irish Famine of the mid-19th Century, in which over one million Irish people perished in the most horrific of circumstances.

Ireland and Malta are the only countries in Europe affording a high degree of protection to unborn children. Pro-Life / human rights advocates believe that a repeal of the Eighth Amendment would destroy Ireland’s pro-life and human rights standing internationally.

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